During the pandemic COVID-19 National Emergency:

We will be happy to schedule you via a telemedicine appointment and provide instructions. We will be scheduling telemedicine appointments via Zoom Health and payments can be made via PayPal invoicing.

All patients unable to come in person, can schedule a telemedicine appointment. The patient must send email to office@pna-pc.com and instructions and any invoice -i.e. for copayments etc will be sent.

All visits via telemedicine will be done via Zoom Health.

You will be sent an invitation via email to your emails with the date and time of your appointment. 

Currently, scheduling telemedicine on Fridays- we will open up more days as needed including Saturdays, as things progress.

We need the following in writing sent to us from current patients to  office@pna-pc.com

  1. Temperature, Height and Weight of the patient at time of appointment
  2. Name pharmacy, address and phone number for any electronic refills in advance of appointment.
  3. Names of all medications that we provide that they are requesting refills of during the appointment so that they can be electronically transmitted.
  4. Any questions or concerns they want to cover during their visit would also be helpful.

All appointments will be scheduled in minimum 30 minutes blocks and invites to the appointment are sent via Zoom. Invoices are sent via PayPal invoicing.

New patient appointments via telemedicine will require a detailed intake and will require a minimum of 1 hour time blocks. Forms will be sent in advance of the appointment and will need to be completed prior to scheduling. 

Patients must have access to a computer with an WI-FI internet connection and camera or a smart phone with WI-FI internet connection and camera. These are all video telemedicine meetings so the patients will see the doctor and the doctor will see the patients. Please see the Zoom website for technical details.